Shaped Tubes

Our unique shaped tubes bring a truly bespoke element to your packaging. Replicate your bottle shape, the shape of your logo, or another distinct feature of your brand world to create genuine stand out on shelf for your brand.

Square Tube 1

Rounded Square Tube

Truncated oval render 1

Truncated Oval Tube

Oval Tube Render 2

Oval Tube

Rounded Rectangle 2

Rounded Rectangle Tube

  • Bespoke shape for your brand
  • Look the part end to end - Embossed metal lids and bases supplied in a variety of colours and styles
  • Exceptional finishing of key branding elements
  • Inner print to continue your brand story and add that luxury cue
  • Choose from a range of shapes: oval, rounded square, truncated oval or rounded rectangle
  • Custom sizes and shapes also available
  • Advanced print and finishing options: foiling, embossing, debossing and specialist varnishes
  • Unique standout and shelf appeal
  • Break the rectangular carton mould, instant brand recognition through the use of shape
  • Robust and durable, easily opened and re-sealed without damage to the packaging
Design for Sustainability
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • FSC-certified chain of custody available
  • Innovative perforated seam option for ease of separation and recycling
  • Exact sizing - minimising waste, equal quantities of components and single supplier delivery through our One Stop Purchasing service.

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